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A little bit about us…

Revel Insight is an independent UX (User Experience) consultancy based in Austin, Texas. We help companies worldwide understand their customers in order to serve them better and increase profits.

Annette Priest

Annette Priest

Revel Insight was founded by Annette Priest, who has helped teams around the world understand customers and focus on the right things to design better interfaces and experiences. Watching and listening as people across the globe struggle to use products, websites, and mobile devices has given her a razor sharp focus on what has a real impact on UX, including how global teams work together — or don’t!

Since 1996, Annette’s strategy, research, service and experience designs have made a measurable difference for customers of clients around the world, including AT&T, GE, HP, IBM, and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  She is a former social worker with a background in anthropology and a master's degree in Human Factors and Applied Cognitive Science. Her work has been featured in National Geographic TravelerInfo World and PC Magazine.

Based in Austin, Texas, her consulting practice, Revel Insight focuses on customer research, UX, usability and design, including mobile and touchscreen devices.  When she’s not on an international flight, you can reach her on Twitter: @AnnettePriest